Health and Career Fair

There will be a Community Health Fitness and Career Fair on Saturday, Nov. 14th at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. This would be a great thing for students to do for extra credit.


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Caster Semenya

Here’s an interesting blog article about Caster Semenya. It’s such an interesting time for gender discussions. From the uninformed use of the word hermaphrodite to the more politically and historically conscious articles, there’s a lot being said about the issue. I wonder how this can be incorporated into the health class.

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HIV+ Speakers in Class Today!

I just had speakers from Positively Speaking in my class. Positively Speaking is a component of LAUSD’s HIV Prevention Unit. They prepare HIV+ people to come and speak about their personal experiences to students.

It went great!

Thanks guys!

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Having Kids Makes You Unhappy, Research Shows

Well…. This is an interesting article! Research apparently shows that having kids decreases happiness. That will be fun to read tomorrow when we discuss the costs of pregnancy!

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Working on Birth Control Lesson

In the past, I’ve shown students all the various types of birth control and how they work. Fine. But I want to do something more interactive. So I’m making a chart for them to fill in and then giving each group a different kind of birth control, having them learn about it (with a handout and the actual thing to look at) and then having them do a “Walk and Talk” where they go around the class and learn about the other groups’ topics.

We’ll see how it goes. It’s more time-intensive, but more engaging and perhaps long-lasting.

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Brain Fitness

This is an interesting idea- incorporate brain fitness into health class! Hmmm…. It has health implications- preventing Alzeheimer’s in later age. And it’s a double whammy/two in the bush sort of thing- you get students using their brains more in the name of health!

Here’s the article on Brain Fitness.

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Masturbation Myths

This is a great article for teens on Masturbation Myths. I’m going to have students read it and then write a journal about it. (Not to be read by me!!!)

Here’s an excerpt from it:

Masturbation Myths
by Susan Diem

“Masturbation. Most people do it — yet so many people worry about doing it! That’s because there are a lot of myths out there that masturbation is dirty, dangerous, or something to be embarrassed about doing. But the truth is, masturbation is safe and healthy, and it’s here to stay. People of all ages do it. Guys do it, and girls do it too. Single people and people in relationships do it. Some people do it a few times a day, and some do it a few times a year. Let’s get to the bottom of some of the masturbation myths that make people so anxious about being caught red-handed.”

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