Assess Your Own Health Assignment

Here’s the assignment I gave today, trying to get students to think about ways they are already healthy and ways they can improve their health.  A lot of times, health is taught as a deficit model, sending the message to students that they are unhealthy and doing everything wrong.  My attempt here is to remind them of what they are doing right, as well to get a sense of their writing abilities and gain more knowledge about them as individuals.

They seemed to have a hard time writing and getting started on this. Maybe because it was the second day of school… Maybe because they feel intimidated by writing…. Maybe because my instructions were unclear. We’ll see what the end results are!

Assess Your Own Health!

35 points

Due Date: _________

In order to be the healthiest we can be, it is important to assess (look at and think about) one’s own current state of health. This includes all the components of health listed below.

You must write a 1-2 page essay assessing your own health, including all the ways you are already healthy and thinking about ways you could improve your health.

Part One: Write an introductory paragraph to your essay, giving an overview of your current state of health (you may want to write this AFTER you do Part Two).

Part Two: Write a paragraph for each of the following components of health. In each paragraph, write about ways that you are already healthy, as well as ways you could improve your health.

Physical – Eating healthy food, getting exercise and staying in shape, avoiding drugs and alcohol; being free of sickness and disease (including sexually transmitted diseases); staying safe and avoiding bodily harm; getting enough sleep.

Emotional – Expressing your emotions in a positive, non-destructive way; dealing with your feelings without harming yourself or others.

Social – Having positive relationships with friends, family, teachers, coworkers and all humans; maintaining good communication skills; resolving conflicts without resorting to violence.

Mental – The ability to recognize reality and cope with the demands of life; dealing with stress, grief and depression; having a positive self-esteem.

Spiritual – Having a purpose in life and living according to your values and beliefs.

Environmental – Living in a clean, safe and healthy environment; doing your part to keep the environment around you safe and clean, keeping your food, water and air safe.

Part Three: Write two more paragraphs answering the questions below.

  1. What are some ways you are in control of your own health? What are some ways components of your health are beyond your control?
  2. What is the difference between knowing what is healthy and doing what is healthy? Give some examples from your own life.

Part Four: Write a concluding paragraph, summarizing what you wrote in your essay.

Grading: Each of the 10 paragraphs is worth 3 points, for a total of 30 points. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is worth 5 points.


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