I-Statements Handout

Name _________________ Date_________ Period ______

 “I” Statements

10 points

An “I” statement is a statement of your feelings that does not blame or judge the other person. In an I-statement, you are taking responsibility for your own feelings and communicating positively with someone.

 Directions: Change the “You” Statements below into “I” statements.

  1. Figure out how the person is feeling.
  2. An “I” statement starts with “I feel…,” “I want….,” “I’m upset because….”
  3. Then say what you would like to happen next. “I would like for you to….” or “I want…”


“You” Statement

“I” Statement

1. You never call me when I ask you to!  
2. I hate you! You told her my secret!  
3. Why don’t you ever clean your room?? I’ve asked you to do it five times!  
4. You are so annoying when you tease me!  
5. Shut up! Will you stop interrupting me?!  
6.Turn down that stereo! I can’t hear myself think!  
7. You always ignore me when your other friends are around!  
8. Mom/Dad- You never let me do anything! You treat me like a baby!  
9. Why don’t you do your own homework and stop copying mine?!  
10.  You never told us the assignment was due today!  

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