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I am a health teacher in Los Angeles at Manual Arts High School. My aim with this blog is to post ideas for lessons, lesson plans, links to cool websites and other things of interest. I welcome any and all comments, ideas or contributions. Let me know if you’d like to post something bigger than a comment.

I love artistic expressions of gender and beauty.

I love artistic expressions of gender and beauty.


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    Steve said,

    Very green!

    Where do you get the time to post all this stuff?


    • 2

      varnitsky said,

      I have been unemployed for a few months! That’s where I got all the time! But now that school is starting again, we’ll see how much time I have!

  2. 3

    Linda said,

    Va, Looks good so far! Sierra Club has a new thing where they are trying to hook up people with different green ideas. I’ll send you the link. I am guessing that Jean Ponzi at KDHX radio 88.1 in St. Louis has informaton about health. Her show on KDHX is called Earthworms. You can check out her show on the internet.

    Love you and proud of you. Mom

  3. 4

    Linda said,

    I love the picture of you also. Mom

  4. 5

    Edna Hollis said,

    Looks like your blog is off to a good start, Va–and I hope your teaching is, too.
    Part of the lessening of nervousness, maybe, is that you’re returning to a school where you know people and are known. Even though the students are mostly new each term, the faculty, admin, staff are familiar after a few years, as is the system itself and what’s expected or accepted. My nightmares came after I retired and usually involved forgetting a class I was supposed to meet–which never happened in real life that I recall. Strange.

    I was pleased to see that your objectives include some study of depression. I don’t remember that subject ever being covered in any health-related class I ever took–maybe not even psych in college–and it would seem to be of vital importance to h.s. students. I wonder what portion of the term your unit on mental health takes, as it looks pretty extensive. Good work so far–and some interesting-sounding links which I’ve had trouble connecting to–but that’s my fault, I’m sure.

    Enjoy the year. GE

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