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Brain Fitness

This is an interesting idea- incorporate brain fitness into health class! Hmmm…. It has health implications- preventing Alzeheimer’s in later age. And it’s a double whammy/two in the bush sort of thing- you get students using their brains more in the name of health!

Here’s the article on Brain Fitness.


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Objectives for Mental Health Unit

These are my current Objectives for my Mental Health Unit. I want to focus on self-knowledge and self-care in this unit.

Students will be able to:
• Assess their own level of overall health and identify ways to improve it
• Have an understanding of their own self-esteem, how to improve it and take steps to improve it
• Set realistic immediate, intermediate and long-term goals for themselves and take steps to realize those goals
• Communicate in an assertive and healthy manner
• Resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner
• Describe the stages of grief
• Describe the symptoms of depression, as well as where and how to get help for oneself or a friend
• Practice methods of stress management

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Public Service Comics

This is a cool blog, The Comics Bin, about comics and this post is specifically about health issues in comics.


Here’s another blog, Paw Quality Comics, about comics and health.

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Spider Man Helps Prevent Child Abuse

These seem like cool comix to help teach important concepts like bullying, violence prevention, emotional and physical abuse, as well as fatherhood. I wonder though if it’s too young for high schoolers….


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